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Hi everyone!

I wonder if you could please help decide which would be my next OTA!
I recently upgraded my Celestron Nexstar 6SE mount to a Celestron CGEM mount. I´ve been doing some planetary work with the old Nexstar 6SE, but now my main goal now is DSO. You can see some of my work in my blog: www.astrofotoperu.com

One of the main problems with the alt-az mount was that long exposures were impossible. My personal record was 30 seconds, but from 100 shots, only 15 where usable. 

I know the CGEM mount will help a lot on doing DSO, and that depending on the OTA I choose, I would probably need an autoguider.
The focal length range I´m looking for should be around 600 mm and 800 mm.

My main camera will be a Sony a7s (unmodded) which is a full frame cam, but I´ve read that most scopes won´t take full advantage over a full frame sensor, and will only reach an APSC frame size.


Are there any 600 mm to 800 mm OTA´s out there, that can help me use the full frame sensor? I must say that I would love a refractor, but I´m open to other choices... :D


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      Hi All! 
      I am currently in the market for getting a new telescope, as I have outgrown my current one (celestron 130eq). I own a DSLR camera already and have been experimenting with some astrophotography (first stage of getting addicted). Over the last few months  I  have now developed an urge to purchase a telescope that will allow me to take semi-decent deep space photos (Second stage of addition). The crux: I have a fairly limited budged, of around $ 1,000-$1,500 AUD, but I can't seem to find one that fits within the scope (pun not intended) of astrophotography.  After doing some research, it seems that the ED80 is a great option, however, I can't find a EQ mount that will not exceed the limits of my budget. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. 
      Disclaimer: I already have a DSLR and T-ring (not included in the budget). 
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      Ok, after lots of research, I finally decided on the above and just ordered with FLO.  Now got a few weeks wait so can keep exploring the sky manually with by binoculars and learn as many pitfalls as possible about the Evo 9.25”.  The only accessory I ordered for now is a dew shield, but I’m expecting I will want to get a 2” visual back, star diagonal and wide angle eyepiece (possibly 0.63 focal reducer too) to get the max field of view possible when I so choose.  Any views on whether StarSense is worth it - it seems pretty simple to align without it (I may come to regret saying this)
      So why am I posting?  Just after any and all advice for a beginner, in particular regarding maximising field of view down the line (the relatively narrow FOV was the only real downside of the Evo 9.25” for me) and any recommended accessories to enhance my viewing pleasure over time.  Any other general top tips also very welcome. 
      I look forward to being able to help others in due course when I have something more than roughly zero knowledge and experience!
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      Hello, I'm new to the group and I have a question for whoever has an opinion. I've been really getting into astronomy the past year. Right now I have an Explore One 60mm by 700mm Theseus. I'm wanting to get the Orion AstroView 90mm EQ refractor. I would like to know anyone's thoughts on this scope and possibly other similar or better options in the same $300 price range.
      Thank You in advance
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