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Got the guiding sorted, thanks to everyone who helped - turned out to be weight. So i finally got out to capture my full plan on APT on M51. 8 x 8min L, 3 each of RGB @ 350s binned 2x2. 25 Bias and 15 flats per channel. I'm really chuffed with it, such a difference from the DSLR. There were a few coloured pixels that i removed with the heal brush but i'm not sure why they were there - I've left some at the top right so you can see what i mean? I may also have over stretched a little but I was pretty excited to get a finished image! Any comments or advice welcomed. Thanks.


M51 31 July.jpg

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Looks like hot pixels, you may have insufficient data in the RGB channels to remove them.


A very nice image though well done :)

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4 hours ago, iwols said:

Excellent stevie ide be more than happy looking to go from dslr to ccd myself what are you using cheers

I'm using an Atik 414 and filter wheel package bought from Mr King. 

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25 minutes ago, piprees said:

Nice one Stevie. What was your workflow with processing? I'm on the edge of moving to ccd from dslr and wonder if the processing is a lot different.



Hi. Stacked the L separately with unhinged bias and flats. Then did each channel separate with binned flats and bias after selecting a reference frame. Opened all in PS and processed the L channel. Merged RGB and processed. Then combined the L and RGB and processed again. It's a steep curve but it's very rewarding when you se ethe image coming through. 

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