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astro pc upgraded to SSD

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Upgraded my astro pc to a SSD drive ,fairly simple process ,cloned drive with easeus to do software ,so copied everything on old hdd to new ssd , straight forward to do once new drive cloned simply took out old drive replaced with new ,i will install old drive into a caddy and take out dvd drive later on once im happy everything working ok ,but what a difference no waiting it`s instant im sure capturing data will be smoother with the qhy5-11 :icon_biggrin: ssd cost £45 from mymemory,an  integral 240GB, my old hdd is 1TB so plenty of storage now ,and caddy for dvd drive was a tenner from amazon  ,definetley an upgrade worth doing .

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I did exactly the same about a month ago..... :)


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Once you are happy everything is in order. Just create a disc image of your new ssd drive to your old hdd. Great backup and, as you say, plenty of storage for all those wonderful images you are going to capture. :)



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      Does anyone know if I should upgrade my telescope? I have a Celestron Nextar 127slt and I've been using it for a few years now. I want to see more detail on Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.
      Does anyone have any suggestions from Celestron?
      Kind Regards
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      Hi SGL,
      My lovely wife bought me a SW Explorer 130 with the basic RA drive for my 40th birthday 8 years ago, and I've enjoyed using it on and off ever since.  I've started getting more into it - it's a great beginner scope, but I'm - like lots of others on this forum - looking at upgrading.  One of the things I found tricky with the scope was getting the focus just right at high magnification (I'm sure that's kind of obvious!).  It does wobble quite a bit on the EQ2 mount when focusing.  I get pretty good - if small - views of Jupiter, Saturn, (the Moon, of course) and have had hints of seeing some DSOs.
      I bought a 8mm BST Starguider, and it's a great improvement on the standard 10mm that comes with the scope, but if I push the scope by adding the 2x Barlow and the 8mm it's a blur and the focus seems to keep missing the sweet spot.  I saw a post elsewhere on this forum by MakTheNight, (looks like they've left now - last post was 2 years ago) who added a Baader Helical Focuser that attached directly to the T-thread on the focusing apparatus on the SW. Link to that post is below. I got one and it is indeed a great improvement on fine tuning - the problem is I can't use it with the Barlow as the helical focuser is about an inch long and the focuser can't move far enough into the scope to focus with the Barlow and any of my eyepieces (the 8mm BST, or the 10 or 25mm standard eyepieces)
      Clearly MakTheNight managed to get their setup to work with some specific eyepieces (a Luminos 10mm and 32mm Plossl) and a specific Barlow, so I tried looking up how I could work out what combination of eyepieces and Barlow would work, rather than randomly buying kit and having to return it because it won't work with my scope, but I haven't found anything useful yet.  So I thought I'd take the plunge and ask here

      Can anyone help me figure out how I can calculate what combinations of eyepiece and Barlow would work with this setup?  I'm also looking at upgrading the OTA and mount to a 200P and EQ5 at some point, so ideally would have a combination that could work with that too - the focal length and mirror is quite different - 1000mm on the 200P parabolic vs 900mm spherical on the 130.
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      I can't get my Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 PRO connected to Stellarium. I'm tring to de that by cable, an usb in my laptop int the other end plugged in the usb port on the hand SynScan hand controller. I did that about 2 years ago, and it worked perfectly, but now i can't get it working. In the end, I want to be able to control my mount via Stellarium. I've tried everything, even plugging my laptop in the mount directly. What am I missing? Did something change in the way Stellarium works or something?
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      Hi all, 
      Just a quick question saw a previous post on here for the x-cel eye pieces vs the BST Starguiders was looking at getting a 25 mm and a 10-12mm but would any one reccomend a zoom lens 8-24mm are these any good? If so any particular make I should go for instead of the starguiders or should I just stick to my original plan of getting 2 starguider eyepieces 
      Thanks all
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