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One for the mirror polishers...


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I have never polished my own mirror but always liked the idea.

I was wondering, couldn't someone buy one of the cheap 'acceptable' parabolic mirrors coming out of China/Taiwan, polish it to an improved spec, then have it re silvered? Surely that would save a lot of time and effort?

Thanks :lol:

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A lot of 6" blanks come up on Ebay...you could make a nice f8 planet killer!!

Or even an f10, though I'd need to invest in some steps (thought I'd say it before someone else quipped :lol:).

I'm thinking of a scope that would be good for viewing objects less effected by light-pollution for use from my back-garden. Planets, lunar, globulars and solar (with a filter!). It'll need lots of focal length and a small central obstruction so f8 or slower would be good and, I'm guessing, the mirror should be easier to figure...

Try this link, there are loads of info on making your on telescopes of all sizes up to and over 24".


Thanks Nabban, that should get me off to a good start :(

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I helped make a 10" Mirror a few years ago it turned out to be a 10" F/8 Dobsonian scope and is now used for planetry reports and drawings at the EP.

It isnt hard and you dont need a lot of gear at all what you do need is time though takes quite a while to get it perfected. The use of other equipment for measureing the wave lenghs et etc i don't know enough about to advise.

End of the day it's well worth it Steve.


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Awesome. Truly. You could roam around the entire Veil. It was Alt/Az of course - took almost as long to work out the ratios for the Autostar as it did to make the scope but still... we used one of those cheapie Meade DS drive systems which meant a driven wheel of maybe 30" diameter and a drive of about 1/4". took ages to goto. Eventually it was push-to something and then sync on it for tracking.


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Hhmmmm, I sense a project coming on 8)

Can anyone recommend a good book/website?

Yes Steve, a good , but old book is Handbook for the telescope maker by N.E. Howard. I have used It on many occasions and it has been invaluable. And it is a good idea to buy a cheap mirror and re-figure it your self, go for it it's the best feeling in the world when you look through your scope for the first time and realise you created that.

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WOW that sounds like some setup :shock: an observers dream infact, you have been involved in some awsome ventures Arthur maybe you should write a book them aswell as your other one? :lol:

Ah. The mirror now resides in a *proper* Dobsonian. A beautifully-made one actually, two local astronomers made the 20" and a 16" together. If you are at Kelling there's a fair chance they'll both be up there and you can see what I mean.

A book? No, I don't think so. It's taken rather a long time for what I've done already!


PS - here's the previous incarnation... http://www.pmdo.com/20goto.htm

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