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SGP controlling Pulsar Dome


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Does anyone use SGP to automate a Pulsar Dome?  My dome becomes unresponsive during imaging sessions and I just wondered if it was an SGP issue or a Pulsar driver issue or something else?  Those who have Pulsar domes I would be interested to know which software you find successful for automation.

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I have had SG Pro successfully controlling my Pulsar Observatory during testing only but this is not the software I normally use for the task.

What version of the Pulsar mount control system do you have, the original LesveDome version or the new Pulsar custom version?

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Steve I have the new Pulsar system, everything seems to run as it should until I run a full sequence in SGP then the dome won't move and the sequence wont respond until I disconnect and reconnect.  Usually on reconnection the dome aperture wants to point in the opposite direction which is only solved by recalibrating the dome. 

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Hi Jason,

I too have the latest Pulsar system. If you turn on the dome without running SGP and then run the Pulsar software, you can click on 'Settings' and discover the Unit Version. What version number do you have?

I have never run a full SGP session with the dome, I've only tested modules individually. Chances are you just have an incorrect setting somewhere.

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