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M27 and Stephan´s Quintet


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The weather´s been hot over here so finally some imaging time and 5 hours a night.

Some great fun with the C11 at 1800mm Fl with the ATIK 428 camera.

M27 which is 24xRGB 300s

Stephan´s Quintet 47x Luminance 600s (I do like this one)


M 27-RGB 24xrgb.jpg

NGC 7320-L_47_x600_sd_LD_F_crop.jpg

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6 minutes ago, Martin Meredith said:

Great results -- I'm a big fan of the Quintet and that's a really nice shot. Too right it is hot over here, and getting hotter...


 You're in the north as well, Its too hot for me today but the great thing is i get clear nights. Winter is not a good time as i get continuous cloud off of the Atlantic.

Off down the beach when it cools off a bit ;-D

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2 hours ago, ChrisLX200 said:

Well done for guiding that big SCT so successfully! No mean feat that :)  and the results here are excellent.


I have to be honest here I have rather a good mount so it's easy to guide. I had the c11 on an eq6 once a few years ago now that was entertaining. I always think these people who produce stunning images on low end gear are the true masters of astrophotography.

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2 hours ago, NadrejN said:

Very good and lucky with weather.

What did you use for processing M27?



Maxim dl however i don't do much processing just levels and curves as i dont have time.

I prefer maxim for combining and then photoshop XI that i got free with my nikon D50. But these were just maxim.

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