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Skywatcher NEQ6 mount repair

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Hi Guys.  I have a NEQ6 Pro mount, about 3 years old.  One of those with the poxy little jack on the main circuit-board to plug in the power supply. ( I understand this has been improved in later models)  Despite taking care, after much use the inevitable has happened and the socket has parted company from the circuit board and the mount can't be used.   Prior to it breaking totally I did a DIY repair soldering it back on to the pcb.  This worked for a while but I don't much fancy my chances of doing this a second time,  what with hot soldering irons and delicate, heat sensitive  electronics not being a great mixture.  I live in deepest darkest Shropshire ( Thats in the UK for non locals! ) does anyone out there know of a place within a reasonable distance that they would trust to do the repair.  When I contacted Skywatcher, they said I would need to replace the entire pcb and wanted over 200 quid!!  This seems just plain silly, it needs someone to attach 2 wires to the pcb going to an external socket, job done and can't break again in the same way.  Any suggestions ? I am pinning my hopes on you guys.

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If the socket is working at the moment, I would suggest putting some epoxy around the base where it meets the board, that way it will not budge in the future, and wil take a lot of abuse and still won't budge...

but obviously it needs to be working first...just an idea :)


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I'm sure there have been threads about the power socket upgrade but I can't seem to find any so if anyone has done it I too would be interested in reading it


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    • By martinux
      Due to an unfortunate accident my SN10 primary mirror is broken. While it was an unwieldy beast and pretty much required a complete rebuild when I got it from the previous owner I really loved it.  
      My understanding, thanks to discussions between owners of this OTA, is that the SN10 used a spherical mirror. However Meade's representative did not wish to confirm this "proprietary information" after stating that they could not sell me a replacement. 
      So, I'm stuck with a bit of a quandary: do I roll the dice and attempt to get a spherical mirror constructed? (I doubt that non-parabolic mirrors are routinely manufactured and would probably come at a price-premium). I have read anecdotal discussions that the primaries are somehow "matched" to the schmitt correctors which, I must admit, makes no sense to me as I thought that a spherical mirror was manufactured with a uniform curvature. Thus, without more information, I'm thinking that this could be an expensive and ultimately unworkable solution. 
      Alternatively, do I cut my losses and replace it with something like a Skywatcher 250P?
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      I know it may be a bit of a long shot but I'm looking to buy a HEQ5 Pro mount or an NEQ6 Pro or something similar. Preferably belt driven but not necessary as can happily modify it. Please let me know if you have anything! Thanks.
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      I have a Skywatcher Newtonian telescope ( D:200, f:1000) The other day I noticed that the 'O' ring which was attached to the finder scope had broken.  After a bit of digging around, I obtained what I believe is the correct size replacement ( 1.5 mm thickness, 52mm internal diameter).  However, I can't see how it attaches to the finder scope !  Can anyone offer some guidance ?  Many thanks in advance.
    • By Bigdaddyjeff
      Please find for sale my SkyWatcher 250 Reflector and NEQ6 SynScan mount. 
      The reflector has of course been used and shows sign of use on the outside of the tube but the mirrors show little sign of wear or tear apart from a few dust specks. As you can see from the photos the Scope is in very good condition and all viewings are welcome.
      The NEQ6 mount powers up but refuses to move. This may be just an update to the handset or maybe the gears need a touch of TLC due to itself being sat doing nothing for so long. The tripod is missing the locking pin that pulls the plate up against the legs but this will be reflected in the price. 
      i would like to offer this to the SGL community as I know it will go to someone who will appreciate the kit and do so much more with it than I’ve been able to. 
      Given the fact I haven’t used this kit for a few years now and I’m also moving house, I know longer have the time or room for it so this is the only reason for sale. 

      *** Update 26/1/2020
      I have purchased a new support shaft for the tripod and I have also got the NEQ6 moving so the motors seem to be absolutely fine, please see latest video attached of the NEQ6 powered up and moving. 
      Skywatcher 250 - £200 
      NEQ6 - £450 
      Collection only from Walsall/West Midlands 
      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them. 
      Wishing you all clear skies wherever you are
    • By Fabiolus
      Good day,
      I own a  skywatcher Heq5 pro mount, its awesome!
      I just realized the AC wire for my AC / DC adapter is broken (see pic 1). I found another AC wire from an old AC adapter and was wondering if this is ok?  I see the gauge wire is bigger  though and wonder if it matters?
      I am thinking of cutting near the female adapter and soldering it back to the entire length of wire that came from the laptop adapter even though the gauge is bigger. ( see pic 2).
      Thank you.

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