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Wanting to build a Telescope Pier but havn't a clue where to start...

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tony4563    46

OK.. I've ordered an EQ5 pier top mounting from Gary (cheers mate!) My plan is to have a pier mounted on my large patio which is mainly made up of 2ft x 2ft square concrete slabs. The idea is to attach the mount on nights I want to observe using the C8 and ED120 (when I eventually find one) and remove it when finished, then cover the pier with one of those rotary whirly drier cover things when finished. Sounds good dunnit? 8)

Now then...Where do I start? :oops: I could easily assist in taking out your appendix, help fix that cruciate ligament and easily help insert an intra ocular lens to help you see better, BUT...I know ziltch, nyett and naff all about DIY. I've a good mate who can get me the tools and give me a hand, but what materials do I need in the first place without buying a custom built pier?

I was thinking of a solid pressed wooden pier to attach the mount but what do I use for a base?

Any tips about materials, fixing and where to buy them from anyone?

Gracias :)

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gary1968    38

Hey Tony,

If I were going to build a pier then I would not chose wood for the pier. Wood tends to move as its moisture content changes and therefor your polar aligned pier top will not be too accurate.

What I'd suggest is going round to your local 'Metal Supermarket' or scrap merchant and getting a piece of 6" diameter steel pipe. Figure out how high you need the pier to be and then add on, say, 1 meter. Cut a few holes in the pipe maybe around 70mm diameter, these should all be below what will be the ground level of the pipe. Dig a hole 2'x2'x2', position and support the pipe vertically in the centre of the hole then fill the hole and the pipe with concrete, probably a 3:2:1 ratio. ( 3 parts chips, 2 parts sand and 1 part cement)

Leave for a few days to set then finish off as required, fit Pier Top and wait 'till the sky clears.

Hope that helps mate.


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If you want a tube to fill with concrete I have some 150mm aluminium tube yuo can have. Once filled with concrete it will be just as wobble free as a steel pipe. I'm near J24 of the M62.

Beamish has taken a bit for testing, but I don't know if he's had time to do anything with his yet.

Kaptain klevtsov

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tony4563    46

Kaptain K.

Many thanks for your kind offer of the tubing. I may get back to you shortly on that one if that's OK 8)


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