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Hi everyone!

I've recently bought a R.A Motor Drive and it's meant to track the object so it stays in the FOV but it seems to make the object move up!

I don't know why?

Please help,



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Another silly question - have you set your latitude and aligned your RA axis to north? 

And what object are you talking about. I've found I can get pretty good tracking with stars and dsos but solar system objects will still drift a little. 

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Yes I've done most of it. I've set my latitude to about 51 degrees (where I live) and I may need a recap on how to align the scope to the north.

And yes of course there's a battery in it, here are some pictures




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    • By Corpze
      Made a new video, this is a Astro Systeme Austria specific video, which has direct driven servo motors.
      To get them to perform perfectly and be able to track unguided, you have to tune theese motors.

      I made a quick video of how the three different methods is working in the "Autoslew" software to run theese mounts.
      Maybe this method of tuning mount motors is related to other brands which has direct driven mounts? 

      Best regards / Daniel
    • By racprops
      Forgive a newbie questions…

      I just (at last) got a Celestron C8 with fork and wedge, but on a Meade tripod. (No telescoping legs) Looks like the Standard Field Tripod BUT missing the center leg brace plate and the Telescoping legs… I think it is a version with 36 Inch fixed legs.
      This is an upgrade to my childhood wanted got as an older adult (sadly) Criterion 6 inch Newtonian.  

      But One of the clock motors does not run, so this is a two part question:

      One where can I get a replacement??

      And or I read that the later models now use a D/C motor, can I get one (or two) to replace my A/C motor (s), especially as I want to use the scope out in the middle of nowhere as I live in Phoenix AZ and I have given up on my Criterion 6 Inch as we can barely see more than a dozen stars on a good night.
      So a 12 drive system would be better that a 112 A/C up convertor.

      I could also use a source for used parts if there is one or more.



    • By Corpze
      Hi guys, I have made a video of how to mount a Primalucelab Sesto Senso focus motor on a true 3" Feather Touch 3215 focuser.
      I thought some of you might wonder how to use the extra collar you need to mount the motor on to the bigger versions of the FT focusers, and also how to align the motor shaft.

    • By Corpze
      Hi, i just wanna share a in depth review that i made on how the Primalucelab Sesto Senso works, and how i actually runs an autofocus routine with it.
      you can watch the whole review on my youtube channel here: 
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      So  my birthday just past so money to splash on astro stuff , i will have my 1000D modded by juan at cheapastrophotography and also have ordered an autofocuser from deepsky dad https://deepskydad.com/autofocuser i know they can be done DIY but this is a neat package  and costs about the same as a SW autofocuser and a hitechastro focusmaster and i`m no electronic wizard and pavel seems to have a good product and works with ascom and confirmed it works with APT i will update in a few weeks time when hopefully i will have received and tried out . 
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