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show us your.... cable setup?!

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On 16/03/2017 at 22:41, tomato said:

This is what my cables look like 99% of the time. About the only advantage of setting up and taking down each session......:D

I know how you feel, this is how my kit should look, but most of the time it looks remarkably like yours:icon_biggrin:


I've tried to separate the cables into three logical groups:

1, cameras: USB x 2 for main and guiding camera, and a 12v power. All connectors on the camera are right angle types, with the loom P-clipped to the camera body.

2, Scope: focuser, 9 pin D type, and 12v PWM, which is shared by the anti dew and Telrad

3, Mount: 12v power and eqmod.

The looming sleeve and velcro ties help to keep it tidy the rest of the year as well :icon_biggrin:




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      First post - so I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I wonder if anyone can help? I've got an EQ3 synscan mount which sits on top of a concrete pillar. Despite the Rigid Pillar and good Polar alignment I get terrible Goto's and Tracking. I wonder if upgrading to an EQ5 might solve some of the problems. It seems, from the reviews, to be a much more accurate mechanism. But if I did that is there any way I could buy the basic EQ5 and use my current EQ3 Synscan motors/handset with it. Buying the whole EQ5 with synscan is horribly expensive, and having already got the synscan unit would seem a waste. 
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    • By Stu
      This is a nice Vixen GP mount in very good used condition. The mount itself is xcellent cosmetically, and turn smoothly with no unevenness. The only real criticism you could level at it is the fact that the counterweight and bar have been resprayed in a dull metallic colourful, looks ok and works perfectly well. It has one small counterweight.
      It has short slow motion controls (which of course could be replaced with long flexi ones), it does not have a polar scope. I would say it is highly suitable for visual use where you just want tracking with minimal setup time.
      I can supply it with the original short wooden tripod included for £150, or a taller aluminium matching Vixen tripod for £175. Open to reasonable offers.
      Payment by PayPal fees paid or bank transfer. Pickup is easier but I can ship it at cost.
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