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Advice on Clip-in LP Filter

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My interest is photographing the night sky with a terrestrial foreground using a DSLR.

My prime night sky subject is the Milky Way. Unfortunately, between me and the Milky Way are about 750,000 people and the associated light pollution, see pic below. As my main lens is a 14mm with no filter thread I'm stuck with a clip-in filter. Ive asked in another thread for some help with availability for my Nikon D7200.

Would something like the Optolong CLS filter help with the sky glow in the shot below?





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19 hours ago, wxsatuser said:

There is this but if thats all you can use, may be.


Cheers Mike.

Astronomik only seem to make their filters for Canon so it looks like either Optolong or Hutech. I emailed Optolong on June 22 about suitability for the D7200 but have received no reply. Must have gone in the too hard basket. I've just emailed Hutech so fingers crossed for a better outcome.

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Hutech have replied that if the D7200 has the same mirror box it will fit.

I eventually managed to talk to someone at Nikon Australia Technical Support today, a nice lady whose first language was not English and who I suspect was not even in Australia. I understood most, or maybe that should be some of what she said.

Anyway the gist of it appeared to be that the D7200 and the D7100 do in fact share the same sensor, and hopefully the same mirror box. The difference in the megapixels is due to a different algorithm for the D7200 plus the EXPEED 4 processor.

I'll bite  the bullet and order the Optolong model and see how we go.

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