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I was thinking about this a few moments ago in reference to the hologram theory, and I just wonder if anyone thought this idea is actually feasible: presume the universe is a continuous hologram/program, set up and coded to form in a grid format. That grid would be what we call the "Fabric" of space. A black hole is a tear in that space (a temporary error in the scripting for that area of space.), caused by the over abundance of information (gravity) applied to the fabric. The script (being a continuously active script) later has to rewrite itself to fix the error (hawking radiation), causing the black hole to evaporate. If there happens to be more information applied to the area of the error (such as a star or gas), the error increases due to the excessive amount of information being applied to the script as it is attempting to rewrite itself to fix said error, thus increasing the size and mass of the black hole. The idea that there was too much information applied to the script and an error formed would imply that the universe is not perfect but is programmed to and capable of fixing itself (Or the creator is fixing it). It could also imply that the universe is actually infinite as well as there being similar versions of the universe (parallels).

I was wondering if you think this idea could be possible...
obviously I think too much...
I'm just a regular guy that loves this stuff and reads articles.

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