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Astronomik UHC or Lumicon UHC ?

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Piero    2,511

The Astronomik OIII passing 12nm is the CCD version : http://www.astronomik.com/en/photographic-filters/oiii-ccd-filter.html . I think the version sold as `visual` hasn't changed (http://www.astronomik.com/en/visual-filters/oiii-filter-visuell.html) .

According to the specs the Astronomik OIII-CCD 12nm passes the 496nm and 501nm OIII lines at 95% which is very good for visual and closer to the previous model of Lumicon OIII. I would go for this rather than the OIII (non CCD) version TBH.


To the OP, I prefer the DGM NPB to the Astronomik UHC I had much more in terms of improved target contrast. As far as I read, the NPB and the Lumicon UHC are very similar apart from the red bands transmitted in the NPB, which are cut off in the Lumicon UHC. Assuming this, I would go for a Lumicon UHC (or DGM NPB) rather than an Astronomik UHC.

Right now I have 1.25" (for the TV60) and 2" DGM NPB filters and 2" Lumicon OIII (previous model), and don't feel the need to have anything else. :) 

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Dave In Vermont    4,375

I think it's fair to say that anyone who has an older Lumicon anything filter should hang on to it for dear life! They have become collector's items now & museum-pieces. And by all indications - they're gone for keeps.

If anyone knows anyone who has tested the new versions of 'Lumicon' filters and has the transmission-graphs for these (from an independent laboratory), please do the world a big service and make these available to all seekers. The only one I know of at this point is the OIII one which I posted earlier.

Thanks all!


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N3ptune    716

Bahh,  I bet Lumicon with get back on tracks with their old manufacturing procedures or recipe for their filters..



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