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Hi All,

I have some experience of firing rifles that are fitted with telescopic sights. I know that so long as the scope is firmly bolted to the rifle and not removed the zero will remain true, but if it is removed the rifle will have to be re-zeroed.

Is this the same principal for Telescopes, i.e. will I have to realign the finderscope everytime I set up my kit?


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Once you have aligned your Finderscope(by hand) and you dont bump it then it should stay aligned Spud.

When aligning your Finderscope do this in the day and try and pick a telegraph pole or chimney stack half a mile away to a mile away during the day(Please take note not to do this near were the Sun is). Take time to get the best alignment you can, look through the Telescope's eyepiece (lowest like a 40mm,32mm or 25mm) get the object centred with the telescope then adjust your finderscope accordingly. Once you have a good alignment choose a higher power eyepiece and repeat the process this way you will get a A+ alignment.

Hope that Helps

James :)

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And beware that by night you will be able to align near enough [removed word] all with a standard finder. The cross hairs simply vanish into the sky when u try to find a star or something :)

My advise, get a led finder. These light up and are easily calibrated. The fact that the projected spot is red means it should not interfere with night vision. :sunny:

Many thanks


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