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As we've had a summer full of clouds here in Scotland, opportunities to get the scope out have been few and far between!  Luckily, there are a lot of lovely people out there who are happy to share their data so that others can practise their post-processing.  This is my attempt at processing Saturn (original video taken by Abhijit Juvekar, so the credit must go to him! I can't find a website to link, but he posts some fantastic images here https://www.facebook.com/groups/astrophotographers/ )  It was a lot of fun to actually get the chance to work with good data.  As I have a dobsonian, astrophotography is very frustrating to say the least!

1 frame from 1 min video vs processed image

ETA - oops, not sure why the second image is huge!


2016-07-03 (35).jpg

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Great image, Nadine :smile:

I think you will find astro photography very challenging with your Dobsonian as you will be limited to very short exposures due to the lack of tracking. Perhaps best start with the Moon as it is so bright you can get away with very short exposures and still create great images :wink:

Good luck!

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Very nice image Nadine You have certainly got the data processing down to a fine art. The second image is very like the few views I have managed here in the west of Scotland.

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Great processing Nadine. Thanks for posting before and after pictures.  I was out last night taking my first look at Saturn, beautiful view but the video I took looked poor in comparison. Having seen your before though, it gives me hope I may be able to get something decent with processing. 

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That's a really awesome Saturn , I've not had much luck with all the vulcanic heat and storms of late, stay the course and don't get to frustrated I'm working with one hand to do it all.


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