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great session last night July1-2

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Surprisingly clear and transparent last night here in the 'burbs' with some new targets including MP Juno and objects low in Sco etc - never seen them 'evolve' so clearly on the laptop via the autostacked subs with auto dark/flat and down to mag 18.5 against Wikisky - will post soon ;-)



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My pics from the evening of July 1st shot with my Meade 30cm f/3.6 [Meade 3.3 FR] SCT + SX Lodestar-Mx2 from the London suburbs in brief exposures as noted starting with some favorite planetary nebulae.
M57 [Ring] in 1 sec exp!  Two stars within the core !  This detail is routine but visually central star needs perfect seeing+large aperture.
M57 in 60s exp shows spiral gx IC 1296 nearby and stars to mag 19.1
M27 [Dumbbell] in 5s exp goes pleasingly deep
M27 in 60s exp give a smoother result
M27 in 60s exp with maximum stretch to show outer envelope and stellar penetration below mag19
PNe in Aquila
NGC 6781 in 60s m16.7 central star - PN ~2' diam
NGC 6804 in 60s m14.3 central star - PN 35" diam
NGC 6772 in 60s m18.6 central star - PN 85" diam - 1st time on this PN!
Session globulars to follow.









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My globular pics for July 1st - Meade 30cm f/3.6 SCT + SX Lodestar-Mx2. Exposures kept brief to avoid burnt-out cores.


Globs in Hercules
M13 in  5s exp - brightest stars >m12
M92 in 10s exp - brightest stars >m12
NGC 6229 30s exp - brightest stars >m15.5

M71 30s exp against the rich Milky Way of Sagitta.

Globs in Scorpius
M4  30s exp nr Antares - stars bloated due to very low altitude on meridian and thro branches.
NGC 6144 30s - ditto








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On ‎03‎/‎07‎/‎2016 at 21:28, JeremyS said:

Glad you got some sky, Maurice. Nice images.


Thanks Jeremy - yes  a bit daft trying with the near endless twilight at this time of year but aim for the antisun location helps and up from there towards the zenith.   Been a very poor June for the southeast  ;-0


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Great images! I'm a big fan of M13 and M57. Here is an image I took of the Hercules cluster last autumn through my 127mm Mak-Cass, 6X30s stacked exposures using my trusty old Nikon camera:





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