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Here's my one and only image from last night :lol: As mentioned a million times in other section's of the forum the seeing was prob the worse i have seen in years :shock:.


10" Meade SCT +2X Celestron shorty Barlow

1000 Frames


It's not a bad image certainly not up to the standered i wished for but considering the conditions it quite good.

Been after a nice close up of Schiller for some time now so last night wasnt a complete waste of time hehe.


Very long and South-East North-West Shaped formation.

Could be from 2 impact craters or a low level impact.

Quie steep slopes from Bayer to the East and Schiller H to the North-East.

High walls with terraces to the South that come into there own on good nights of seeing.

Its a very flat floor to the South-East and to the North-West.

Mountain to the North-West. Craterlets which can cast some nice shadows on the right lunar cycle.

Highly reccomended!

James :(

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Thanks Damien,

This scope is a Lunar imaging/Observing dream mate i have never had so much joy Observing the Moon :shock: that includes a 14" Dobsonian and all the Skywatcher scopes i have owned in the past shear MAGIC!

James :lol:

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certainly not up to the standered i wished for James :lol:

:shock: :shock: :shock: It's a fantastic image James, very nicely framed. That wished for standard must be lunar nirvana :( along with Roger's longed for Saturn


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well first off i used noels software , especially the deep space noise part , then i go out of that and use adobe elements , using the lasso i circle small parts open up enhance and do one click on the auto focus , i select a lot all over the image so it brings out the parts that hit the eye first ,then just finish with contrast and brightness to finish , i find noels package smooth s the image out , but then it needs a small amount of sharpen after wards , it seems to work for me and looking at my old moon pics on my site which i thought were good , blows them away , so i call them HI RES IMAGES



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