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Atik 414EX Amp Glow?


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I think I am getting amp glow on my Atik 414EX when using it in Nebulosity but not the Atik Capture software, but I am not sure if that is what is going on.  Attached are two master dark frames both taken at -10C.  One was produced from subs captured using Nebulosity, the other using Capture.  As you can see, the Nebulosity dark has a strange pattern.  Is this caused by amp glow?  What causes that?

Both are running under Windows 10 with ASCOM drivers installed.  Nebulosity is using the "Atik Universal" driver as the Atik provided ASCOM drivers don't seem to be able to read the temperature or operate the TEC properly. 

414EX Artemis Capture.png

414EX Nebulosity.png

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I had something similar with my 314L+ it happened when I used fine focus mode which turns the amps up full but does not switch them off again once you exit that mode (it's a known bug in Nebulosity). All I needed to do was shut down Nebulosity and start it up again and it re-sets everything. A bit of a pain but easy enough to do.

However, I think this may be something different, there is a menu in Nebulosity with an option to control the amps, I can't remember where it is but I seem to recall that its under an advanced camera menu, probably accessed via a button on one of the camera dialogs. It may be that it is switched on causing the amp glow. If not you can always try the Nebulosity Yahoo group, someone there is bound to have encountered this before.

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Thanks for confirming it is amp glow, I wasn't sure as I'm new to CCD. I'll also note that I'm running on the latest drivers available and that I've made sure the amp is switched off inside Nebulosity. I'll follow up with Atik/Stark labs for support. 

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