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MN190 tube not perfectly round?

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Hi all, 


I have a question for you MN190 owners. I was going through my scope because I might be selling or trading it,  and noticed that the tube isn´t perfectly round all the way. Is it just a seam from manufacturing, or is it something else? You can feel that the roundness is a bit "bevelled"/flatter along the whole scope on one side, approx 2cm wide. You can barely notice it if you dont have hawk eyes...     Can someone with a 190 pls take a quick look!? 


Thank you for helping me. 


Best regards, 


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Now you have me looking and mine is the same. It has not made any difference to the superb performance this scope delivers, I personally feel it is one of the best scopes on the market for a thousand quid, when conditions are right is is every bit as good as a an APO in my books and I have one, look at some of the fantasic AP shots people have taken with this scope!!!!


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