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More good ones Rog. I like the top one best - the contrasting textures of the landscape.

It would be really nice to have some idea of the scale of these high mag images. do you or astroman or anyon e else know the diameter of those small craters?


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Fantastic images, Rog! Feels like I'm in orbit.

Ok, the last one, the big crater is Ballialdus, 61Km diameter. Two small ones to the east are A and B from the same impact. Small crater in the mare with the central peak is Konig, 23 Km. Two large craters at the edge of the Mare are Camparnus, 48 Km on the west and Mercator 47Km on the east.


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Thanks very much Radio, i must say that i can do better, the seeing on that night was good but not that good prob 5/10 or 6/10, had it been better i could have gone in closer. the final presentation to make the images look better is in the processing, i try not to sharpen things to much , although we all tend to fall into that trap at some time, plus we all have our own ways in the way we process and of course what looksgood to our eyes , so positive feedback is welcome , i prefer ppl to be honest , instead of being afraid of hurting ppls feelings, after all how can one improve without that truthfull comment.


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