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Isee Stars - Astro Image Hosting - Now Open!


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http://iseestars.net a new astronomy image hosting service is now open to the public. A variety of packages and account options are offered to cater for as many requirements and needs as possible, you can also try before you buy with a free account that offers limited space and bandwidth.

If you do purchase an account you may use the promotion code "astroforum" which entitles users of this forum to a 15% discount.

The site offers fully automated image management, thumbnail generation, effects, galleries, searching, picture phone uploads, sorting, tagging and many, many other features. If there's a feature you would like simply email me to request it and I will look into adding it asap, this way the service can be tailored to match your exact requirements.

The site also takes care of backups for you, daily backups are made as are weekly hard backups. You may also download at anytime a zip backup of all of your images, so for example, if you somehow lose all of your images on your home computer, through a virus or such like you can simply download a backup from the Isee Stars site and restore all of your images.

If there's anything I can do to assist you or if you wish to ask any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me, either pm me here, reply to this message or send an email to contact@iseestars.net.

As an added bonus, everyone who signs up for a Gold or Diamond account this weekend will receive an extra 50mb of space free, as a special launch weekend promotion.

Thank you,

Grant Bowskill

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