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M16 Pillars of Creation in mono

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This has got to be THE single most iconic image out there - So thanks to Hubble there's masses of pressure with this image! How can you improve on an icon? I have no idea at the moment! But the mono H

I will only speak for myself here and say that my main aim is to produce a pretty picture....... There, I've said it and people can damn me if they so wish. To that end I experimented with my MCM proc

I have PixInsight and I use it for some things but there are so many other features I neither understand nor want TBH. Like most new users of PixInsight I scoured the web for tutorials (because there

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Looks great, the colour version will be something special.

I'm also glad you're getting some imaging done, over a month since my scope was last out, the weather is terrible!

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One hell of an image with an awesome setup! How do you find the mount? I read that it's a triumph of engineering, sure looks like it. How about the OTA?. Can't wait to see this once the rest of the data is added!!!!

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Thanks guys for all of your comments - No pressure on the colour image then :D The data won't be rolling until after the moon anyway, so I have some time yet to contemplate it :)

@Maximidius - I have been impressed with the Mesu and the ODK - In fact I love them both. I have a nice alternative scope setup waiting in the wings, but I can't bring myself to remove the ODK it's just fantastic! 

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A finely processed Ha mono, defined and balanced contrasts.  I particularly like the framing with the pillars central but on the diagonal - did you have to rotate your ccd for this?

An iconic image as you say but you will endow it with your own style.  This mono is terrific and deserves all the praise.

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