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Thoughts on a compact tripod for ST80

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Hi all:

I've been pondering this for a while, but never been able to come up with anything suitable (or not wanted to take the risk on things that might end up not being). I'm looking for a tripod on which to mount either binoculars or an ST80 - so it needs to be reasonably robust and capable of going high enough for binocular observing. But I also need something that can fit in airport hand luggage. So something about the folded length of the tripod that comes with the Celestron travel scope, but reasonably solid, preferably even when extended to about 170cm or so.

I'm not an expert on photo tripods and have spent some time looking. I'm starting to expect that it's probably not possible to build a tripod to those specifications. Anyone have any experience / suggestions?



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Like everything it depends on budget.

I bought a Zomei Z818, for my camera etc. Rated apparently at 33lbs or 15kg capacity it handles my 700D + 200-500 Tamron + 2x TC convertor without issue.

It is also OK with the lighter rig of an ST80 used as a lens on the 700D.

And can happily handle my 20x80 bins without me suffering cricked neck syndrome.

Max 165cm, min 56cm (although it could be dismantled).

It also has a hook for hanging weight from the bottom to further stability.

Google Zomei Z818 for more details; at the price I now wish I had bought 2, 1 for the ML kit and 1 for permanent home use.

It has been a joy to own, and the fact that you won't be touching the rig when observing after focusing I find OK for grab n go scenarios.


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Many thanks for the Zomei recommendation. I bought the aluminium alloy version of the Z888 (I think the newer variant of the Z818) and succesfully mount both an ST80 and more importantly a Heritage 130P Flextube! I wrote about my experiences looking for a suitable mount and then the Z888/130P combo here!

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