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So i've been out all week gathering more data. This is the result of 5 1/2 hours, approx 70 subs @ 5 mins although toward the end i was getting 7 mins. ISO 800, 25 flats and 40 Bias. ED80, dithered with APT and PHD2, processed in PS. Comments and criticism as always are appreciated. Thanks.

Wow, it looks different on here! Good old JPEG .

Very strange how it looks so different o different devices. Couls osmeone talk me through how to adjust the background without altering the nebula please? I think there is still a colour imbalance.


M27 LX close crop.jpg

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20 minutes ago, steviemac500 said:

it looks different on here

 I think it's a great shot. It looks red to my eyes but I'm really struggling to get rid of the red from my modded camera in processing. Of all the processing stuff, I'd put colour the most difficult.

I increased the green a bit. Not sure whether uploading here changes the colour but as an experiment here is my green shot in the air and ...


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Hi. Try taking the highlight of only the green up a little. Leave the darker end alone:g.JPG

Maybe even better to fix a point about half way to black and take up the green above that. That really will leave the background alone. HTH.

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How does your histogram look? I suspect the black point has been brought in too far, making the sky very black and clipping any trace of the outer shell. It's a nice capture, though.

Not clipped...


Clipped (exaggerated for effect) ...



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7 hours ago, steviemac500 said:

Thanks, i never knew about the colour option in curves.

Yep, I think you've got that just right. I'm almost certain it's not the official way to do it, but it works and has got me out of many a nighmareish get-rid-of-ths-red-or-bust situations.

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Nice image! The red halos around the stars I believe are caused by the red light not focusing to the same degree as the other colours. Have a go at this to just shrink the red halos:

Use the Magic Wand to select the brightest stars. I have Tolerance set at 40. Use the selection tool to remove the areas you don't want selected, holding down the Alt key. Then go to Select > Modify > Expand and choose enough to go outside the stars. Go into channels and choose only the red. Then go to Filter > Other > Minimum and set it to 1. Before you do anything else, go to Edit > Fade Minimum... and use the slider to reduce the effect if necessary. (The option to Fade Minimum annoyingly goes when you do anything else.) Click RGB to bring all the layers back in and see if it's to your liking. Do the Fade Minimum etc again if not

I hope that's clear. It's too late for me and I should be in bed. Going now . . . . . !


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