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Spotted this on BBC news:


80% of the worlds population living under light polluted skies, how sad. One quote says that around 14% of the worlds population don't use their night vision due to the amoutn of light pollution. No wonder I can't find those faint fuzzies! Car's driving past, security lights flashing on as soon as you move....


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24 minutes ago, Martin Meredith said:

I just saw what looks like a version of this story in the Spanish press too. Here's a link to the New World Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness cited in the article.

And a link to the paper describing the Atlas.

Looks like I live in a yellow zone.


Thank you for pointing out this new article. I have read (many times!) the first one, from 2001, which is still an interesting resource:

Cinzano, Pierantonio, Fabio Falchi, and Christopher D. Elvidge. "The first world atlas of the artificial night sky brightness." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 328.3 (2001): 689-707.

that you can find here:  https://mnras.oxfordjournals.org/content/328/3/689.full  and download free of costs. The situation was already shocking in 2001. It is even worse now.



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