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Enhanced Dual-Axis DC Motor Drives questions

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Does anyone know if you can use these with just a single motor ? On the older style controller the RA &  DEC leads were permanently connected but I see that the new Enhanced controller enables you to plug and unplug the motor control leads so I'm guessing this is so you have the choice to use one or both drives ? or will this risk overload something or cause errors within the controller if only one drive is connected ?

I know you might ask why if you have the dual drives would you only want to track in RA but I'm really put off by the DEC motor socket connection skywatcher_eq3-2_enhanced_motor_drive.jpg it might just be me but it looks like its just waiting to snap off the very first chance it gets.

Why sky-watcher would go about improving the controller allowing "enhanced" features but make no effort at all to address the less than ideal socket connection I will never know ?? Surely a slightly larger case for the motor with the socket installed into the rear can't be that hard to design and manufacture ?? The RA drive is nicely tucked away behind a spacious plastic case but the standard DEC motor design seem to be a complete after thought and lagging far behind the synscan DEC motor design.


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Thanks for your help Charl but it now looks like I might be going in a different direction now as Bresser seem to have got the right idea https://www.astromarket.org/monteringen-en-toebehoren/motor-upgrade---controllers/ra-dec-motor-duo-for-bresser-exos-2 and I'm pretty sure these will fit an EQ5. Motors look bomb proof AND they have far better connectors. A few quid more than SW enhanced version but I guess the old saying applies "you get what you pay for."

Just hope they will fit a SW EQ5 as there seems to be very limited information on this motor set but there doesn't seem to be all that much difference between the EXOS 2 and EQ5??

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