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Has it passed by us yet, and if not, anyone know what time it is due.
It's 15 million miles away, and moving at 40, 000 kms and no danger of a smack thank goodness.
It is the largest NEA known according to Nasa. If the event is in darkness, some earthlings might spot it whizzing by.

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This from the Daily Telegraph, Oct 10 last year ... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/11923717/Phew-Nasa-says-giant-asteroid-will-miss-earth-by-15m-miles.html ... "passed safely by Earth on Saturday".

As that was 8 months ago, not sure if I'm missing something here ...

Can't see anything about this one here

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I got the Info.from a Yahoo report, so why am I not surprised the event is old news.
I need to view these people with suspicion.
Reading their article again, I must learn not to jump the gun.
Anyway, read it yourself, it was misleading unless you read it through.
Sorry about that.:iamwithstupid:



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1 hour ago, Mr Spock said:

Here's a useful resource for NEAs: NEO Close Approaches

It's the same one as DemonP's Michael, 
I don't follow these things much at all, but it's pretty scary when you see how many 
hurtle through quite close in astronomical terms at least.
We saw what SL9 did to Jupiter, and that was already fragmented when it hit, one piece after another.
I actually observed those scars in the atmosphere appear, as the planet rotated the night it happened.

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Yahoo News manages to draw in the lowest common-denominator of the USA. And I've noted that even good and reputable news' sources get dragged into the slime-pit after they associate themselves with them.

Always check the byline before even thinking about believing them. Repeat often.


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