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Walking on the Moon

What a night!


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Went outside at around 22:30 allowed by scope to cool for 20 mins before hand. Cloudy at first but then cleared up after an hour. First i observed Jupiter, tried to get a couple of shots but there was too much turbulence at the time. It calmed down a bit and using my 4mm EP i could see quite a lot of detail including the GRS. The night went on observing different double stars such as Mizar and other DSO's until i remembered there will be 3 ISS passing's in one night. It was around 23:37 the first pass over and this was the first time i had ever seen the ISS and wow didn't realize how bright it would be haha. I started manually tracking it through my scope and i think i could make out the shape or it was just me thinking i could :D It got to around 00:30 and noticed Mars and Saturn were starting to appear above the houses so i moved my scope to the back of the garden and had my first ever look at Mars and my second look at Saturn through and wow i couldn't believe my eyes. I could see the polar caps and some little detail on and off on Mars but Saturn is now my new favorite object to look at! I used an LPR to dim Mars  to work out some more detail but there was no need for Saturn as it was behind a thin layer of cloud already making it dimmer. As i was packing my scope up around 01:05 i stopped to see my second look at the ISS pass over this time is was right over head and i could see it the whole time instead of some houses getting in the way. This has to be the best night of observing for me so far, I've only had my scope since Christmas and i am loving it. By the this time i was far to tired to stay up for the third ISS pass over.

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It was lovely conditions last night. Jupiter knocked my socks off even though the red spot was hidden, rock steady at 240x with several bands visible. Mars was just too bright, I could see basic detail (more than ever before), but no ice caps I should have tried a filter on it, did manage a decent picture at last!

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