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Celestron 6SE Accessories

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Hi all,

As mentioned previously I'm the extremely proud new owner of this 'scope, and i cant believe what a difference it has made over my previous 'scope.  The bands on Jupiter are crystal, even in my light polluted garden, and with poor seeing.  Its amazing!

Anyway to my question.  I'm looking to get a few bits to make my enjoyment of this scope even better, and was wondering if anyone could help or add to my list:

Dew Shield

Power Supply.  With this i am torn between the standard Celestron/Skywatcher tank, which i think should work out of the box, or spend a bit more on the Tracer Lithium Power pack, which i am unsure about if they have all the leads required.  Any advice here would be fantastic.

Some lens cleaner (see previous post).  I'm also tempted to get the various bits to attach my Cannon DLSR to, just to see what i am capable of.

I bought it with the Celestron 1.25'' lens kit, so i have some ok EPs and filters to start with.

Anything else i am missing, or should definitely add?

Thanks in advance



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Starsense is a great addition. I use one with both my Evo' 8 and SE4. Makes life so easy and when the breaks in cloud are as infrequent as they are in the UK every minute saved is worthwhile. GoTo accuracy (once Starsense is properly calibrated)  is stunning.

I too enthusiastically bought the Celestron eyepiece and filter kit, but with hindsight I wish I hadn't. The original EP's supplied with both SE and Evo' Celestron telescopes are OK, (ish), and on the face of it, the seperate accessory kit offers many more EP  and filter options. But after merely a few weeks, I found that UK seeing conditions are typically such that I used few of them.

Also try  (say) a Televue Delos EP and note the difference!  I bought an 8mm Delos and also a decent quality light pollution filter and now enjoy a far better lunar and planetary experience. However, a single Televue Delos EP will set you back around £240 and a top quality filter about £70. So what might I have done differently with hindsight?

Frankly, rather than the Celestron EP accessory pack I wish I had instead bought a Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark III EP offering 8mm; 12mm; 16mm; 20mm and 24mm options in one better quality (wide field performance) EP. That costs £175,  which is merely £35 more than the lesser (IMHO) Celestron accessories. I reckon that route would have better bridged the gap until I could afford a fuller set of Televue EP's (which might be never!).

In summary, my advice is hence DON'T rush to make ANY additional purchases.  Work out what you ultimately want and don't compromise. A couple of high quality EP's is probably all one needs and the Hyperion Zoom fills a gap,  If budget is limited, Starsense is also a luxury purchase, as (again with hindsight) I would have upgraded my EP'S first.  But now I have both a  Starsense and a high quality EP, I don't regret either purchase.

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Thanks for your reply!  

It was all second hand, so i'm happy enough with the bundle at the moment, although i'm fully expecting to upgrade over time.  My previous scope, while it has a soft spot in my heart, was terrible.

Regarding LP filters, I have heard mixed reviews, could you recommend one for me to have a look at?

Also, how do you power telescope?  I'm a bit confused about tanks and what leads are required.

Thanks again!

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Sorry, forgot that question. I have tried to 'edit' the above, but not sure if that will work. So here goes again...

I bought my Evolution first, which has the wonderful built in battery pack. By contrast, the AA battery option for the SE series is a waste of time/money.  I bought the 4SE as a 'grab & go', and (in theory) light enough to transport by air. Here weight is obviously  a premium, so I bought a slimline Tracer battery pack. But caution; the bigger Tracer packs are above airline lithium battery power output limits. BTW, the bigger issue when flying is finding a suitable telescope case (here; budget on £350). But for land transport, a wheeled cricket bag is brilliant!

I bought an Astronomix  CLS visual deep sky and light pollution filter.  Costs around £60 today. Now I have far more chance of seeing DSO's.  As regards the Celestron filters, the moon filter is OK, but  I might as well be looking through coloured cellophane for most of the others. I think the issue has more to do with extreme  light polluted UK skies. But in Colchester, the street lights in my district go off at 01:00, but all my neighbours want them back on. Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!

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I should add Tracer supply all the cables. I have fixed my Tracer battery pack holder  to the top of the SE4 AA battery lid using velcro tape. That is then almost as good as the Evo' as it moves with the OTA  (no cord wrap). 

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