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Hey all,

I just got a telescope as a gift and i have no idea what I'm doing lol I was hoping yo take it for a spin tonight but im not sure how to set it up etc. If anyone has any tips/can explain what i should use in terms of lenses and stuff that would be amazing!


It came with:

1.5x erecting eyepiece 

3.3x barlow lens

2x barlow lens

H12.5mm lens

SR4mm lens

HM25mm lens

Sun projection screen



I really want to use the telescope and ive always wanted one but I just don't know where to start.


Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Lovesey, amazed no one has replied yet. Can't find much out about this scope, is it a refractor? Your best bet is to set it up in the day when you can see what you're doing and just get a feel for putting in eyepieces and focussing etc. Train it on a distant object (NOT THE SUN) and focus with different eyepieces. I think the 3.3 Barlow may be pushing the capabilities of the scope. The Moon is just past full at the moment so have a look at that to start with ( easy to find ). You'll get loads of advice and suggestions on here from a friendly bunch of knowledgeable folks. Good luck.

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I think this is your telescope:


I can't find the manual for your specific telescope, however this Tasco manual is for a very similar type and size of telescope:


It should open as a five page PDF document, and should give you an idea of how to set up your telescope. Astronomical telescopes will show the image up-side-down, this is quite normal as the right way up doesn't really matter in space! The erecting eyepiece will show things "correctly" if you want to use the scope for land/sea observing. The Barlow goes between the telescope and the eyepiece and will magnify the power of the eyepiece. Remember, however, that with too much magnification you will lose a lot of quality. You telescope will work best up to about x120.

Hope this helps, but if you have any other doubts, get back to us!

Good luck, clear skies, and welcome to SGL


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And I should add, I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THE TELESCOPE TO PROJECT IMAGES OF THE SUN. Magnified sunlight is very dangerous, can destroy your telescope and can blind you instantly and for life! In the future if you want to observe the sun, I suggest buying a special solar filter which will go over the front of the telescope - much safer!

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Throw away the Barlow, the max mag on your scope will be around 150X.

Use the lowest power (25mm) ep and work up until the view goes soft.

As said above the Sun projection screen can only be used with caution. If the ep's are made with plastics and glues then they can melt very easily when used to project the Sun.

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