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c9.25 dso imaging and guiding

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Hi please could anyone provide me advice about using a C9.25 for deep sky imaging?

I currently have a SW 200P (F5) reflector and a SQ Equinox 80 (F6.25) refractor and an EQ6. I have been guiding reasonably successfully using a finder guider (QHY5).

I'm thinking of changing the 200P to an C9.25 (f10) Schmidt Cassegrain (with a reducer (F6.3)) for a different and hopefully positive experience. I intend to image planets and DSOs and also general observing.

I thinking of setting up my scopes permanently using a dual mounting bar so that I can have both wide field short focal length views and narrow long focal length views. I assume that this is sensible but if not please let me know. :)

I see 3 opions open to me

  1. Use the C9.25 with a reducer and a QHY5 finder guider - has anyone have any success with the approach?
  2. Guide with using a combination of the equinox and the QHY5, as both the EQ80 and C9.25 would be mounted on the dual bar. I expect this would be a bit fiddly though as I would need to move the camera when switching between  imaging scopes
  3. Buy an OAG and attach the QHY5 (if this is even possible). This is may least favourite as its additional cost and I have no experience with OAG, but if it mans more time actually imaging that kicking and shouting at my gear then Ill continue saving. :)

Any advice would be very much appreciated before I waste any money and time, as both are always scarce.

Thanks for looking



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1. with C11, "works"

2. not worth it, either 1 or 3

3. Some OAGs are cheaper (Celestron old SCT OAG, some Baader and alike). Use OAG if 1 fails due to mirror flip/flop and alike. I used OAG with SCT for some time. It's very good for guiding but it may struggle to find any guide star.

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    • By johnb
      Sorry its the old driver issue (I think)
      Im running win 10 and have a QHY 5 II M
      QHY5 Driver
      ASCOM 4 driver
      Camera shows up in Device Manager as: 
      Astroimaging - QHY5II
      Start Sharp Cap and it finds: QHY 5 II M and connects - however if i start to capture there is just a dark screen (given it day time and the camera has plenty of light I would have expected basically a white screen)

      Start QGVideo and it just says No Camera Detected
      Im sure it is a driver issues but I find the info online overwhelming as there is so much
      Pointers really appreciated
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    • By michaelmorris
      Celestron C9.25 OTA with ADM Losmandy dovetail
      Starbright coatings
      Everything in very good optical and mechanical condition
      Cosmetically, there are the usual few small scratches on the paintwork, but no significant damage.
      ADM Losmandy dovetail was £84 new 18 months ago
      Reason for sale is recent upgrade of OTA.
      Collection from Worcester, or Kelling Heath or SGL star parties, or could possibly meet halfway.

    • By michaelmorris
      I'm after a focus knob for a modern Celestron C9.25.  Mostly likely will be where someone has replaced the factory focus knob with a fine focus model such as the Feathertouch.

    • By Marky1973
      ***Updated with individual prices***
      I purchased this early this year but just haven't been using it. A combination of other stuff going on and just generally bad timing on the 3 good nights we have had this year means I have not been able to get into using it in the way I had hoped. And I don't see it getting any better, so seems sensible to move it one to someone who can use it more effectively while I concentrate on broadband imaging with my ED80.
      So, I have the XLT Fastar Compatible OTA on a Vixen dovetail with the 6x30 finder, 1.25" visual back and 25mm EP.
      I also got a Skywatcher SCT focuser to help with mirror flop for imaging.
      Also Bahtinov Mask
      And homemade Sun Filter and Dew/Light shield that i can throw in if anyone wants them.
      OTA is in perfect condition with the usual expected scratches on the dovetail, but otherwise in great condition. It is a fantastic scope giving great views, I am just not going to be able to use it much.
      £875 for the OTA
      £75 for the Focuser
      £15 Bahtinov Mask
      £950 for the lot or make me an offer!
      Collection for OTA preferred as this is a bulky, fragile item and couriers generally will not insure such glass going through the post. I am not keen on posting, but could consider it if buyer is willing to organise themselves and take responsibility for it. I think I still have the boxes it came in. Focuser and Mask can obviously be posted.
      Bank transfer, paypal accepted.
      I'm in Gloucester.

    • By Jammy
      Does anyone know what the strange diffraction spikes are in this image?  I know the star Alnitak is pretty bright but wasn't expecting this.
      I've never seen this happen before.  Is it an SCT thing, or a MY SCT thing?
      I've seen straight diffraction spikes, but never curved.
      Is there anything I can do to stop this?  Could it be a collimation issue?  I did check before I started imaging, but thought everything looked ok.
      My scope is a Celestron C9.25 XLT, and I'm using a f/6.3 corrector/reducer with modded Canon EOS 600D.
      Thanks in advance

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