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good but Cheap webcam for modding for astro imaging

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Hi I am in the middle of getting together things for imaging, my question is can someone recommend a cheap but decent quality webcam for modifying for astro usage, I did once try a xbox one but had terrible results (possibly a damaged cam though as most people liked those at the time). I looked on Ebay for webcams but most are not what they claim to be like 50 megapixel for under £2 lmao

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I was fortunate to pick-up a Phillips Toucam Pro PCVC 840k a few years ago at a branch of Cash Converters for £2.99GBP. Also came with a 60day warranty. Even works with my Apple iBook G4 (PPC) running Maccam 0.9.2

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I've been using the original white Xbox 360 Live Vision webcam for a while now romx with good results but can't resolve the finer detail and processed images are on the soft side, filters can help to bring out certain features to an extent.

For lunar it's ok, a bit noisy but if you have tried it before then you may want to buy something that will cost more than loose change, you get what you pay for with webcams. A couple of the better webcams have been mentioned above. A good second hand one may be the go to try out.

It has been great start to astrophotography with the Xbox 360 cam and learn with pre-processing software and image editing. Many variables play a part in astrophotography not just the camera.

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      Starlight Xpress USB mini filter wheel including Off Axis Guiding. Now only £150
      This is a great little filter wheel, ideal for compact set-ups:
      Starlight Xpress Mini Filter Wheel with integrated Off-Axis Guide prism
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      5 x 1.25" filter positions
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      T-thread front and rear - there is currently a M56 adapter fitted for direct connection to the SW 0.85x reducer/flattener, and original T2 adapter included
      Manufacturers spec. And detailed dimensions available from Starlight Xpress
      RRP at FLO is £280
      Collection from Nottingham, or DHL for £10 (based on UK delivery)

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      I guess a year or so ago I bought one of these from Amazon:
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      This camera comes apart by undoing 4 screws and with a slight mod to the silver trim and some glue it was a real easy job. If it returns some good planetary pics I’ll be well impressed for £2.99!!

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