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Hello from Connecticut

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Hello. I'm new to the site. I love to learn and have tentatively cruised the forums and i I see I will be loving it here! 

I have a 8" Dob and get outside every night there is viewing. Trying to set up to do some planetary imaging and I'll be seeking advice on this subject.

Ok..  Guess I'm off to scope the view... :)


Clear dark skies to all and enjoy your weekend.


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Hi and welcome - planetary imaging is great and in my view less weather dependant-an 8 inch scope will give great detail and fast frame rate video recording,stacked will yield great results - best wishes Tony

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Well thank you all so much! I am glad to be here!

I do really love my Scope. I own the Skywatcher Collapsible and I move it in and out each time i use it and it always seem to hold its collimation. I just added a telrad this month and it is much easier finding the piece of sky I am looking for! I live near the sub base, the coast Guard Academy, General Dynamics, and a lot of retail reflective light so I'm dying to get the scope out to dark skies. Seems like its been nothing but pea soup as of late. I di get up last night and despite the glare from the moon I was able to pick out the ring nebula, Andromeda with m101 in the 25mm. Finished up moving around front and checking out mars and the lunar surface. It was a good night.

Thanks again for the Welcome from everyone. Hope you all have great views!


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