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Sighting information request.


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Dont know if i'm posting this in the right place but i'm looking for information of a sighting of something that pretty quickly shot past my view whilst viewing Jupiter.

4th May 2016 1am GMT, an object flew past Jupiter and kinked its trajectory when passing Jupiter showing possible disturbance in its gravity etc.

Must have been very big and in the FOV for less than a second using a 10mm Plossl.

Thanks for any reponse.


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there have been quite a few reports like this recently, from new observers :)

it will have been either a satellite, iridium flare or meteor. They seem quite prominent when you see them in the eyepiece.

I had a plane fly in front of Jupiter the other day, it was very odd and took me to look with the naked eye to confirm what it was.

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Hmm, interesting, not too sure, I'm sure there will be a logical explanation though. Maybe something burning up in the atmosphere that encountered some turbulence? Not sure if that is possible. Or maybe a freak coincidence of 2 bits of space dust hitting the atmosphere and the same time and very slightly different trajectories?

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Jupiter is very very bright, so sometimes you get light bouncing around in the eye piece. Normally you wouldn't notice it, but a reposition of the eye can do this. I have seen something similar when using BST Starguider eyepieces without the eye cup screwed up properly.

As Micheal says. Satellites or, more excitingly, little meteorites could also be the culprit. It doesn't half make you jump when one of them whizzes across your field of view!

Happy viewing.


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