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Over the moon with the Mak 150

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Getting clear skies on the day your Mak 150 arrives is very very rare. That happened to me yesterday. No dew shield it hasn't arrived yet. The 150 sits nicely on the AZ4 with steel legs. I used a combination of the 28mm EP supplied and my 15,12,8,6. EP's.

All performed well apart from the 8mm which I had been warned about (thanks Jules). This wil be replaced by a 10mm Vixen SLV.

spent a lot of time getting to know the Mak and spent time swopping  between the EP's. I am delighted with the scope crisp clear views of the moon,even though the seeing was not good. During dusk with that light blue haze I waited to see Jupiter. Even with the sun going down and the only two objects to be seem with the naked eye Moon and Jupiter I was more than surprised to get a very good view of her.mThree moons in a line to the right. The Mak magnify the rotation speed of earth and targets move very quickly across the field of view. Jupiter looked like a shepherd last night with three little lambs all following in a line.


A great scope you can get up close and personal with your targets. Easy to handle and light to move around.

If you want duration in observing a tracking mount is a must. ( on my hit list)

thanks for reading and here's a couple of shots just with the I Pod on the EP.





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I have its big brother, but I agree, these scopes are fantastic! A lot to be said for spherical surfaces.

For those who look at CN, they will have noticed some recent posts concerning the optics of the 150 and 180, showing that they are, contrary to what is often said about them, currently full aperture. For example, the 180 corrector is 182mm clear aperture, with an oversized primary mirror of 199mm or so.


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