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Gamma Cygni Ha update - now 6 panes (Star71)

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Right, I've a feeling this this may be all for a few weeks since astronomical darkness is all but finished for this year and with the Moon now in force its getting more difficult to stitch it all toge

lol.... just checked my Flickr account and overnight the image has sort-of exploded (in Explore), its only the 2nd time ive gotten into that group.... very unexpected! In light of that, I may jus

Thanks Matt! My mosaic planning is done with the Stellarium oculars plugin - that gives me a framed view of the FOV for my camera and telescope. I then choose a bright(ish) star about 20% from th

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Superb.  I prefer the version with stars - starless images freak me out a bit.... didn't Davros do this in a Doctor Who episode once?

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1 minute ago, steppenwolf said:

Stunningly good mosaic, Rob - this is such a great piece of sky and you've captured it really well.

Thanks Steve :) Considering that it was just two hours per pane, it turned out alright.

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Back for my daily dose of this image :hiding:

I think I actually prefer the starless version today. 

How much OIII do you think you can capture in this region?  I've only seen Ha wide fields of this so can't wait for the rest. :happy1:

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