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Evening moon 14/05/16


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Evening all. I Went out this evening for a bit of lunar observing. Conditions were absolutely splendid at the eyepiece with very steady seeing and I spent about an hour and a half touring the terminator taking in the stunning shadows cast by the likes of the Montes Alpes and SpitzBergen, the Valis Alpes looking impressive and cassini a little away from the terminator with cassini A being prominent.  Also Archimedes really showing off its ramparts and an impressive central peak at Moretus in the south to name but a few (ok, a lot) highlights. All viewed at 10mm, 2x Barlow. 

Then I decided to hook up the lappy and webcam for some imaging but the lappy was dead and I couldn't be bothered to string a lead so I got the iphone out. The result is this image. I took 40s video at 60fps afocally (which requires a somewhat steady hand!!!) converted and aligned with Pipp, stacked 20% with AS!2 and a little wavelet treatment with Regi. I think it could use further fine tuning but I'm quite pleased. 

Then it was indoors to watch the Attenborough 90th birthday thing with Kirsty Young on iplayer, a most enjoyable evening. 


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