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Anyone have this two speed focuser?

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Those GSO 10:1 Crayford-Focusers are excellent. I have several GSO Crayford's on several of my scopes. In fact I just outfitted my 200mm F/4 Newtonian with a single-speed one. I reviewed it here:


And the one you posted a picture of is a dual-speed. If it's the right size base for your scope, by all means make the purchase. You'll be delighted by it's performance!



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I have this focuser on my Lightbridge and it's absolutely fine. Works well, good grip on eyepieces (both sizes), smooth action, and lockable with ease. Obviously not the top quality - but a step or two above basic supplied focusers, and perfectly adequate and functional - they look nice too (always a bonus). :)

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Sweet. ES is sending me a new rack and pinion dual focuser for the faulty one received on my new ES 127mm ED Triplet. It was/is a very sloppy focuser, with way too much play and slippage going on. Somehow I have a feeling the replacement may be better, but still a bit sloppy.

I looked at some Crayford 2" focusers in case I end up needing one. They really aren't that much money relative to the scope. Some will rotate I've seen, and some not? Recommendations?

Also, what would be the advantage of getting a 3" focuser when using a 2" star diagonal and eyepieces. I have noticed some people doing this. I'm not about to even think about  looking into the cost of a 3" diagonal or eyepiece though, yikes.


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That's just an adapter for your scope on a regular GSO focuser.  I have five of them on different types of scopes.  They are excellent quality and performance.

BTW: Agena is a great place to deal with.  I buy almost everything from them.

Clear, Dark Skies

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