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My slightly wonky approach to the Transit day


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I am a bit late on to the scene with these.  My approach was to set up my AZ EQ 6 GT in Alt-Az mode.  The reason for this was because I had invited folks from the village to view the spectacle when they had chance to drop in.  I used my 130 PDS with a home made Baader film filter and my Lunt 60.  We had wall to wall sunshine. You can see the set up here:


In between visual sessions I imaged with my ASI174MM and captured using oaCapture on my USB 2 Macbook air.  Of course this gave me an issue with processing lapse images due to field rotation.  I knew this would happen but I carried on regardless.  What I had to do was rotate the layers using transform mode to get rid of the field rotation before doing any processing work.  It took me a couple of days to work out how to do that successfully.  I think I got it pretty close but the WL captures were easier to do this way.  One error I made was that I didn't orientate the camera on the 130 PDS to match the correct orientation (I remembered with the Lunt).  So my apologies for the misalignment between the two formats.  

Here is the HA full disk lapse from second contact for roughly 2 hours:


Here is the WL version showing 15 minute interval positions:


And finally here is a 2.5x Powermate version from the Lunt.  I used masking techniques to pull up the prom, not my favourite approach but I didn't do double exposures.


I must say I really enjoyed the day and the great weather and so did the folks who stopped by.  I am very impressed with the ASI 174 MM which I have only had a couple of weeks.

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