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IC1396 HaRGB


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Didn't know how to introduce Ha into RGB but found a script in Pixinsight called NBRGBC combination that was easy to use and introduces it into the red channel.

The result is shown below.  

It also allows the introduction of Oiii into either the Green or Blue channel.  

I find this concept quite attractive as it allows the best of both worlds to help with star colour etc.  But Im sure there are the fors and againsters.  

I am suffering some coma in top right despite the use of a CC - think its to do with chip/focusser orthogonality but thats just a guess !  I think the spacing is OK

Anyhow I would love to hear what you think


IC1396_130pdscc_383_nodarks_moredata_nrgb_colsat_crop 1.JPG

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very nice Halli i think your collimation  may be slightly out as it looks like the focus is just not as good as the rest of the pic i had a similar problem with my 200pds and it was caused by my focuser not being plumb so it made my secodary out and the primary  hope that helps 


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It's good.

I prefer to add narrowband to RGB in Photoshop. I add Ha to red in blend mode lighten and save it as a layer. Then I add OIII to green in blend mode lighten and save that an layer on top. Finally I add OIII to blue in blend mode lighten and that makes a third layer. By adjusting the opacity in the two upper layers you can see the effects of OIII in blue and in green, and this is the key adjustment in my view.


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Thanks for the information Olly.

Unfortunately I haven't got Photoshop but its  interesting that you add OIII to both blue and green channels, I believe the PI script I referred to offers the same functionality with the ability to scale the amounts of NB you can add.   I guess the results probably equate to the Photoshop method.

I suppose the main issue is collecting enough  broadband and narrowband data with the UK weather !  Although the ability to collect NB data with the moon about certainly helps !

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