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7 Hours with Mercury Continued..... Part 2


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Still a long way to go on all my transit processing, but here's my 700mm focal length Hydrogen Alpha, false colour, 12 pane mosaic, complete with Mercury transit. This starts part way through first contact at 12:12hrs. 12:15hrs was the next capture, but wasn't added as it overlapped 12:12. Then from 12:25hrs to 19:15hrs, the captures were every ten minutes until the Sun set behind a nearby house. 

The full solar disc was shot in the morning, before the transit began. Each black dot isn't just drawn on, they all came from 664 x 512 pixel video captures, stacked and processed individually ( for another part of the project ). 



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Thanks, I've very pleased, although the mosaic is a little patchy in tone here and there. I'm still experimenting with mosaics and flats and no flats on the Lunt. Results seem to vary either way. I put this together tonight from all the Mercury capture videos.


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Thanks everyone. I did have a great day, and can't believe the weather was so kind to us Northerners! My wife likes the animation, but is less impressed with the "Tear Here" perforated Sun. She said she could have just downloaded a Sun picture and coloured in dots all across it! While she does come out sometimes to see Jupiter or meteor showers, she doesn't quite see my excitement of over seven hours of filming a dot!

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