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Mercury transit, better than i dared to hope!

Pete Presland

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Woke early this morning full of apprehension regarding the weather, it was raining on the way to work :clouds2: but it cleared during the short morning shift. A quick journey home and set up by 12pm. I decided to go for the Barlowed view in hope of catching first contact, or better still a prom being transited. Unfortunately the clouds meant by the time I had spotted Mercury it was already on the disc.

Once on the disc it seemed to slow down, the skies were much clearer so I settled down for an afternoon under the brolly. The clouds continued to come and go, but there were plenty of gaps.

So glad I booked the afternoon off and ignored the weather. This disc is the last image I managed before the clouds/rain ended the session, but at least managed a good 4 hours of variable Solar imaging. All image with the Lunt50mm/DMK21au618.

On the plus side the very high hazy cloud produced a couple of magnificent 22 degree halos which I have posted a image in the widefield section.

2016.05.09 4.10pm Mercury transit.png2016.05.09 Mercury & A.R's 2541,42,43 close up.png 

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Simply stunning Pete well done mate, top drawer in they go !!!

Next Mercury transit not that far away, Nov 11th 2019, so keep your gear in top notch, wonder what astro stuff will be around by then.

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