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Hello and welcome to the forum :icon_biggrin:

What questions do you have about the scope ?

It is a large aperture achromatic refractor with a focal ratio of F/5 so it's strengths are wide field deep sky viewing but it will show quite a lot of chromatic abberation (false colour) around bright objects such as brighter stars, the Moon and planets so it's not quite as suitable if those are your preferred targets.

If you can give us an idea of what your viewing interests are, there may be other options worth thinking about.


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I am interested in planets and and star clusters i have a budget of around £650-£700 i am trying to find a good quality scope with the best results


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That Bresser 152/760 refractor will give great wifdefield and will be a great all round scope but as John mentions wouldn't be the best for planetary observation.

The AR127-L (1200mm fl) would be better for planetary observation, and also lighter so easier on the mount.  You could get in on the exos 2 mount, possibly even the goto version, within your budget.

Other scopes to consider for planetary observation/ globular cluster observation are the skywatcher Skymax 150mm Maksutov and the Skywatcher ED100 Refractor (maybe a bit too expensive if you need to buy a mount as well), also look at Celestron C6 Schmidt-Cassegrain, Skywatcher 150pl newtonian.  All these scopes would be fine on an EQ5 class mount (EQ5, CG5, Exos 2 etc...)


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Last year I bought an achro refractor from Celestron (more easily available where I live) and had the dilemma of choosing between three models:

a. 150mm with a focal length of 1,200mm. This would have been my preferred scope, however it came with goto, a feature I did not particularly want, and thus was way over my budget.

b. 150mm with a focal length of 750mm. Although I liked the larger aperture, the shorter focal length worried me a little.

and c. 120mm with 1,000mm focal length. This is ultimately what I went with, and so far I've been very happy indeed.

Other makes such as Bresser offer similar variations.

I would very much recommend careful consideration of aperture versus focal length. Maybe your choice is ideal for what you want, but personally I would prefer a larger focal ratio.

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I have an AR5 127mm F/9.3 achromatic refractor, a Meade. The F.L. is 1181mm. Bought in 2003. And it's views of planets are incredible! I used it on Mars during the opposition in 2003 - fantastic detail jumped out of my eyepieces! Jupiter is sensational as well, as is Saturn. I wouldn't dream of selling it.

An F/5 152mm achromat would indeed be great for wide-field viewing, as is my ST80, which is an F/5. But it's not the tool for the job for detailed views of planets or other smaller objects up there.

Hope this helps in your quest for a good planetary scope. Have you considered a Maksutov?


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