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Walking on the Moon

M51 - 2nd attempt at multiple nights

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I'm really starting to see the benefit of multiple nights exosures now - I'm really happy with this. I feel like im beginning to get the hang of processing more now but the more i do, the more it seems like the data is the most important. I dont feel like i've processed this a huge amount as the data was already there. This is my 1st time posting in the grown ups section s please be nice!

Taken with my ED80, 53 lights take over 2 nights, ISO1600 @ 5 mins each. No darks but dithered and 40 Bias with 25 flats. I also cropped it a fair bit as i prefer the larger image. Any criticism appreciated as always.

M51 2 nights.jpg

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Nice entry in adulthood ;-)

It definitely pays to collect more data, doesn't it?

The image seems a bit on the purple side, or is it the screen of my phone that is off?

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Nice image! It does appear to have magenta bias but this is simple to fix with the colour balance tool in PS. I'm hoping to return to a dso (ngc 7822) tonight for the first time. I've left the mount as it is, parked it and saved the co-ordinates to the handset so with any luck, i could up and running very quickly with just a focus check. Fingers crossed!

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That's a good image as others have said a bit on the purple side. I've posted my image so you can see the colour to try & aim for. It would be good to produce a starmask so you can enhance the star colours without affecting the saturation of the galaxy.


A very gentle deconvolution might be able to bring out more details in the arms as well. I think we just need good seeing & transparent skies for galaxy imaging. The very wide field dilutes this target so perhaps a crop unless you want the masses of stars which is down to personal choice.

Clear skies to you all. PS- I read a note in the Atik good starguide that galaxies should not be blue...but I like a bit of blue & have some in my version of M51

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