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Moonlite DC motor focuser

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I have a Moonlite crayford dual speed focuser on my Sumerian, and I was thinking of adding a motor focuser.

There are a few options, but I only need one with a hand controller, no need for PC and stepper controller, so likely I will go for the hand controlled Moonlite DC motor focuser.


One thing that concerns me is there's no obvious place for the motor bracket to fit, probably because I have in on an open truss dob, rather than closed tube.

Has anyone fitted a motor focuser to their Moonlite Crayford / Truss dob combo, without any modifications?

I just don't want to start drilling!


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Perhaps you could fabricate a plate that sits under the focuser, under the bracket that seems bolted to the truss looking at your pictures. One of the available Moonlite angled brackets ought to fit onto such a plate - they have a fair bit of tolerance. Or make your own. Should at least save you from drilling anywhere.

Just make sure you have enough room for the motor - it's quite a chunky piece.


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Looks like a bit of a DIY project Jon, think I'd remove the whole focuser and fabricate a bracket that fitted between the focuser base and the scope with a suitable extension to take the motor, be nice and solid then.

Been looking to fit one of these on the Tecnosky 152mm wich has no flat area to bolt it to, need a 3D printer :)


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