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Finally nailed it.......

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Greetings all,

So everything finally came together the night before last. The seeing was virtually spot on from my Leeds location. I'd done my homework on my DBK Camera with the best combination of Codecs and cool logic made me choose my 2 x Astro Engineering apochromatic barlow and not go with my treasured 2.5 x Televue powermate.

The focusing was as perfect as I could get it (until I manage to set up remote focusing on the Mak) and the 'scope is already cooled down as its in the observatory.

The scope I was using was my 150mm Skywatcher Maksutov-Cassegrain with the DBKAU21AU04.AS and an IR Filter.

Europas transit and its shadow were just moving across the face of Jupiter , the Great Red Spot was so clear but i am really please that I got a big old white spot plus some smaller features in the North / south zones.

I took a few images, the best is below. What I want to do is have a go at stitching the images together in an animation. Does anyone recommend some software out there they have used and would suggest? Edit: Thanks for the PIPP recommendation Guys. I've had a quick play about and come up with the results below.

I realize there is a lot of quality images out there but I'm really pleased with this as its the first time I've got details like this with this camera.

Anyway, thanks for taking to time to read this. As ever, feedback welcome and happy to share any tips with anyone going on the journey.


Jupiyrt0023 16-05-03 21-44-50 (C).jpg


Jupiyrt0012 16-05-03 21-12-35_pipp.gif

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Lovely image! Once you've processed your captures you can turn the final frames into a gif using free online gif makers. I'm think you can do it in PIPP too but never used that function

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Great images. Thanks for sharing them.

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Really nice image and animation.

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