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Deep sky stacker star count

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Any ideas please?

When i check  at the light frames and do a star count on them DSS tells me it can see say 20 stars. Then i add the darks, flats and bias frames. All of a sudden this then gets reduced to say 4 - 6 stars? Any suggestions where i am going wrong? 

Should i be using average or sigma clipping in DSS settings?  

Oh yes i am also going unguided at moment with 2 mins lights

Thanks for reading



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Unguided at 2 mins and very few DSS stars might suggest a tracking issue. DSS will not detect trailed or bloated stars very well. You only need 8 stars (in common) to stack by the way.


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hanks for this, bloated do you mean out of focus? I guess i need one of those masks! Yet on the same evening DSS managed to capture 150+ stars with light frames from M57.

Also i have read about people adjusting the counter weight is this a common procedure, will this help with tracking? Also if the DSO is south which direction do you adjust?

Sorry for all the qustions



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