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NGC 3372 - Eta Carina


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Sometimes I feel that DSS reduces the color information after stacking images. This message has two different proccess of the same capture.

GSO 305 mm - Canon T3 - ISO 3200 - OAG - Skyglow filter - Coma  corrector


10 x 1 min + 5 x 1 min 30 sec  (17 min 30 sec) - DSS


Single frame - 1 min 30 sec - no dark/flat/bias



And a close of the Key hole:

10 x 1 min + 5 x 1 min 30 sec  (17 min 30 sec) - DSS



Single frame - 1 min 30 sec - no dark/flat/bias


note: Undoubtly there are difference in proccess tasks. The goal always is to enhance details and color. The quality of details can be different by noise reduction or sharp procedures. But the single frame seems to have mor color information, more natural presence.

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laudropb, you can perceive it looking to areas just above the title and date of both photos wide field (first and second photos).

The single shot presents many red informations on clouds. After stacking in DSS, despite of  increment with 40% in saturation adjustment, the red information is more difuse and faint.

I think that with stacking some areas can reaches the full RGB values or quite near it. So yellow stars or reddish area loose the original main color.

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