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Jupiter, Saturn and Mars of May 4 & 5 with C9.25 and ZWO ASI224MC


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My latest efforts at Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. I also took a stab at imaging Pluto this morning but that turned out as a very small irregular blob of light really no different than a faint star. So I didn't post that one. The image of Jupiter was taken at 8:00 yesterday evening, May 4, 2016. The images of Saturn and Mars were taken at 2:45 this morning, May 5, 2016.The images were derived from AVIs taken with a ZWO ASI224MC camera using Sharpcap,  C9.25,  2X barlow. Processed with Autostakkert 2, Registax 6 and Photoshop with Topaz Labs Denoise and inFocus. 





Jupiter 3  4-5-16.jpg

Mars A 5-5-16.jpg

Saturn 5-5-16.jpg

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Lovely set of images Mike, especially love Saturn, nice sharp Cassini Division.

I say you should post the Pluto image, it may be an irregular blob of light, but it's Pluto for goodness sake. I've never seen Pluto through a scope or imaged it and 99% of the people on the planet haven't either - it's an achievement.

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