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Another clear May night.

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Swamped by light picked up by the atmosphere and scattered around , it wasn't proper dark even at midnight. Such moonless clear nights are welcome though. Thoroughly enjoyable session.

Just about managed the Leo triplet, the third by averted. Then into Virgo for the Messier galaxies.Areas like Markarian's chain were just buzzing with galaxies..In Serpens, M5 just sparkled at x120, a really beautiful globular cluster.
I had a crack at tight binaries in Bootes and Hercules but the seeing was mediocre. Just about managed to split Tegmine ,continued with some odds,
IC 4593 , in Hercules, a small planetary (" the White Pea") blinks well in the star field at x50 and upwards.
NGC 6207 I spotted by averted vision, just about the limit for here.Just up from the sparkling M13.
Cepheus beckoned in the north with a scan of open clusters,
The compressed NGC 7235,
NGC 6939 with its chains into the Milky Way.
Another compressed but faint NGC 7419.
No signs of the "Ancient One" , NGC 188, the most distant , some 1800 lys. from the galactic plane and 6 billion years old. 
Revisited the delightful triple , Σ 2816 in IC 1396.
Kept returning to Jupiter, eventually it settled to a good x200 as the chill set in,
Clear skies !

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Good report Nick. My session last night involved Jupiter first off, M13 in Hercules, Mars & Saturn (just poking above distant roof tops, so not the best time to observe them) and finished off with M81 & M82 in Ursa Major. Due to LP in my location from street lamps, these were the only galaxies available to view in my very limited dark spot near my back door, but got a really good view of them once I honed them in to the eyepiece on my scope, which took ages last night for some reason, but as always can pick them up no problemo when looking through my 15x70 binos! :) 

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Another great report as usual Nick! 

I was curious about IC 4593 as I never heard about that. Searching on the internet, I came across to this http://www.astrophotolab.com/pr/n0733d.htm , but it says it's a planetary nebula, not a globular. 

It's very pretty! :) It should be at the very limit of my telescope, but maybe an OIII might reveal something.. ? :bino2:

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